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Why use PaySAFE?

Tired of costly and timely letters of credit through your bank?

PaySAFE provides financial protection by holding the full purchase price in escrow prior to shipping. Transactions can be created within minutes and are active within days. Buyers and sellers agree when to release funds upfront, usually when goods are delivered to port.

PaySAFE provides an easy to follow workflow that includes:

  • Creating a purchase agreement with electronic signatures
  • Upload your existing documentation for transaction details
  • Upload photos and any additional documentation for release of payment verification
  • Track all communication in one place through our communication history report
  • Utilize escrow service for financial security:
    • Importers: Funds are only released once you verify receipt of goods.
    • Exporters: Secure the buyer’s funds upfront - locking in the sale and eliminating the risk of financial fraud.

Escrow services are recognized as a viable payment technique to be used for export trade in the third edition of the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Association’s 2012 Trade Finance Guide.

What's the cost?

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Final pricing is calculated at transaction creation.
Pricing may vary.

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Why Escrow is Better Than Letters of Credit

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