When it comes to setting up a transaction between two unknown parties it never hurts to be a bit cautious - especially when it comes to high-dollar items. Inspections are a great way to help put either party at ease. Sellers are more relaxed knowing that their item has been given a proper once-over and buyers can rest more easily once a third-party has given their OK on the item up for purchase.


Whether you arrange a third-party inspection with your faithful family mechanic or trusted industry experts like vehicle inspections can be a life saver. If an on-site inspection isn’t in the cards, you can also easily pull a vehicle history report and check VIN numbers against things like flood damage or salvaged titles.

Antiques, Fine Art & Collectables:

Again, the gold standard when it comes to appraisal of condition for collectables and art would be to bring in a industry expert to inspect any items in person. If an on-site inspection isn’t an option, be sure to provide or ask for items like certificates of authenticity. These certificates will lay out any details about the item including its country of origin, date of production, and whether it’s an original or reproduction.

Other items:

Our friends at will send a member of their team to photograph, document, and even oversee delivery of nearly any item you can think of. Heavy machinery, vehicles, commercial equipment, RVs, maritime vehicles - even that upcoming blind date. But if your purchase doesn’t fall into one of the categories listed, has the ability create a custom check-in for your not-so-everyday auction and marketplace listings as well.

Not only will the WeGoLook team schedule an in-person looker to visit your item in question, but their team will also complete a customized report of the looker’s findings, including:

  • Travel to view the assets, property, or person
  • Confirm the existence of assets or property
  • Complete a verification report
  • Confirm brand, manufacturer, model number, serial number, VIN number or other markings on item as requested
  • Provide digital photos
  • Answer item specific questions

Extended services from WeGoLook can also include:

  • Additional photos
  • Digital 2-minute video clip of asset
  • Observe a working demonstration
  • Rush service
  • Customized tasking
  • Heavy equipment PIN, Theft, and Insurance History
  • Delivery of an item to a shipper
  • Arrange Transport
  • Courier Services

For more information about WeGoLook, click to visit their inspection page.

For additional tips, be sure to visit our blog for information and tips on items like how to recognize a flood damage vehicle or purchasing items 'site unseen'.