You’ve just purchased a special classic, vintage, or exotic car, maybe after waiting for years for it to be the right time in your life. Maybe it’s for a special anniversary or birthday. You’ve waited a long time for this. You’ve spent hours on the telephone with the seller, painstakingly going over every little detail about the car. You made the seller Skype with you to hear the engine running and check everything out. You hired a mechanic to do a thorough mechanical inspection and make sure you knew everything about the condition of the car. You did a background check on the title and the history of the car for any problems. You spent weeks with the seller to get the right deal.

After all of that careful due diligence, would you really consider just going with the “lowest bidder” from of a bunch of transport brokers, to transport your new car across the country?

East West Auto Transport is a 30 year old company, headquartered in Boston, with regional offices in Chicago, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. We offer both our premium “white glove” enclosed transport service and traditional open carrier service to locations across the globe.

  • Our “White Glove” enclosed transport service will ensure your mint condition / higher value car stays inside during the entire trip. In many US markets, our white glove services aren’t much more than other companies charge for open carrier!
  • Guaranteed Price Quotes. Unlike most “bait and switch” transport brokers, who quote “estimates” and then change their prices at the last minute, all of our prices are guaranteed
  • Door to Door Service. If our trucks can get to your front door, we will.
  • Aloha! We offer vehicle shipping to and from both Alaska & Hawaii.
  • Guaranteed Price Quotes.
  • Oh Canada! Purchasing a car from Canada? Shipping a car “into” Canada? We provide door to door services to and from Canada including our customs broker services to clear your vehicle at the border. We will process all of the paperwork for customs at no additional charge.
  • International Shipping. We ship vehicles around the globe for our customers. We will pickup your purchase at the seller’s door and bring it via truck to the closest shipping port and then load it securely in a shipping container for our ocean transport to your country.
  • Active Military & Veterans. We proudly offer our serviceman and woman, both active and veteran, discounts to transport vehicles domestically and internationally.
  • Snowbirds. We offer round-trip package savings for our senior snowbirds, to winter destinations like Florida and Arizona.


Items like artwork, personal goods and oddly sized goods may require a helping hand as well when it comes to transportation. In addition to working with a shipping provider, you may also want to consult with packaging experts like those at Craters & Freighters. Custom packaging services can help to ensure that your goods arrive in just as good of shape as when they left.

When dealing with smaller items you’ll likely be just fine to use a certified and bonded shipper like FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS. These retail shippers all offer options such as certified delivery and package tracking. We also highly recommend insuring any items for at least the full value of the item itself. While all carriers do their best to ensure items are treated with care, accident can and do happen.

For added protection there are certain items - firearms and jewelry specifically - that require an extra stop in the shipping process.

  • Firearms: In the United States, Federal law requires that all modern firearms be shipped to an individual possessing a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). Modern firearms may NOT be shipped directly from the seller to the buyer. Antique firearms (those manufactured before 1898 or replicas thereof) may be shipped directly from seller to buyer. For more information on shipping requirements for firearms and/or ammunition click here. For information on INTERNATIONAL import/export regulations when shipping firearms and/or ammunition please click here.
  • Jewelry: A common scam in jewelry sales between unknown parties involves the seller sending a genuine piece of jewelry and the seller then swapping out the item for a counterfeit piece. With the item swapped, the seller will then return it, claiming it to be a fraud. To avoid this problem, it’s common for sellers to send jewelry through a verification service on its way to the seller. These companies verify the item sent from the seller and the compare anything sent back from the buyer against the company’s original record. You may want to consult with a local jeweler or your preferred shipper for more information about these types of services.

For more information visit the PaySAFE blog for more helpful tips about shipping and transportation.