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Why use PaySAFE?

Buy or sell collector, antique, and modern firearms safely and securely using PaySAFE’s online escrow service. Escrow is the safest way to transfer funds between two parties who are unknown to each other or are separated by distance. Working as a neutral third party, PaySAFE secures and verifies purchase funds for both the buyer and seller, and then deposits funds once the transaction is complete.

  • Buyer benefits include
    • Security: Since your money is held in escrow, you can rest easy knowing that your funds are secure until you receive your purchase.
    • Assurance of Purchase: Once you deposit your money with PaySAFE, the seller will be notified that funds are secured and verified.
    • Convenience: PaySAFE provides quality customer support and 24/7 online access to your transactions.

  • Seller benefits include
    • Lock in the Sale: You know the buyer is serious as the full purchase is verified and deposited in escrow before your item is shipped.
    • Security: Once funds are secured, you're protected against credit card fraud, insufficient funds, and credit card chargebacks. PaySAFE will now release funds once all requirements of the agreement have been met.
    • Convenience: The sale price is deposited electronically into your bank account of choice once the buyer confirms shipment or receipt.

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