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PaySAFE was founded with a drive to change how person-to-person business is done and level the playing field for both sides of a transactions. By leveraging technology and traditional banking solutions, PaySAFE provides TRUST to both parties.

  • As a Buyer, you have the confidence that you will get exactly what you ordered before the seller receives your money.
  • As a Seller, eliminate the financial risk of scams and fraud. Escrowed funds are cleared through the Federal Reserve removing the risk of non-sufficient funds check or charge backs.

Safe and Secure:

As a neutral third party, PaySAFE provides Secure Audited Funding and Escrow (SAFE) accounts with the highest levels of integrity and reliability to facilitate consumer trust and business transparency.

  • Secure: PaySAFE is bonded and insured. Each of our employees undergoes criminal background checks prior to employment, in compliance with state licensing requirements.
  • Audited: Our financial records are audited annually for compliance to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  • Funding: All funding activities are verified for accuracy and authenticity. Every transaction is reviewed for compliance with PaySAFE Anti-money Laundering Policy.
  • Escrow: All escrowed funds are held in non-interest bearing United States FDIC insured Bank accounts. We continually monitor the status of our financial institution partners to ensure your escrowed funds are protected.

Partnering opportunities:

PaySAFE partners with companies to ensure that their customers are financially protected. Those partners include auction houses, online auctions, classified magazines, and other trade organizations as a preferred escrow agent. Escrow services provide assurance that both parties are committed to the completion of a transaction. If you or your company would like to learn more about how PaySAFE can provide financial protection and confidence to your customers, please contact us at

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